The Brief: (The what and the why!)

The purpose behind these tabs is to let you, avid Damo fan, to be able to play these songs.
They are presented here so that you may find them quickly and not get lost searching the internet for them.
These tabs are in no way official, and merely represent my own (hard) work at picking them out.
I believe them to be accurate, but I welcome any comments you may have regarding them in any way.
Please send me a mail and let me know what you think :)

I hope you enjoy them.
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Well, I finally got this working, so please feel free to say whatever you need to :o)

New Damien Dempsey Album Cover: To Hell or Barbados To Hell or Barbados

Damien´s new album To Hell or Barbados will be released June 1st 2007!

As soon as I get my hands on it, I'll hopefull have some new Damien Dempsey tabs and chords for you all.

Your Pretty Smile and How Strange are now Available on the Tabs page :-)

January 2007

Latest: Well I've finally finished college and have my Master in Telecommunications Engineering, so I finally have time to get back to my site.
Hopefully you've noticed the re-vamp, and I've also been working on some tunes too! :)
I have about 4/5 new tabs almost ready to go, so watch this space!!
And I'd just like to say thank you to everyone for the countless emails and thanks I've gotten on the last few years.

Thanks for the music Damien.


To The Tabs:

Last Update: Summer 2006

Me? 26 year old Dublin boy, following Damo since the late 90's when I saw him perform at the "Big Issue" fundraiser in Isaac Butts. He has been my favourite artist, musician, and poet since then :) Thanks Damien

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